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Kristen Law

Yoga Instructor

Kristen is a trained Stellarflow Yoga teacher and public health professional. She seamlessly blends her passion for health equity and yoga to produce a fun and community-building experience. Her teaching builds on her deep love of alignment and invigorating sequences to create a challenging and dynamic yet approachable class.


Kristen found yoga in 2005 to balance her busy graduate program in Community Psychology and immediately noticed the benefits of the physically challenging and emotionally healing practice.


Today, her yoga practice continues to keep her grounded and balanced whether in her Public Health career or while working with her yoga students. She specializes in working with people who sit at desks or in long commutes and has a firm understanding of working with shoulders and hip flexor tightness.



Stellarflow is a transformative journey that uses smart alignment, innovative sequencing, nurturing hands-on assists and lots of fun to help students strike a balance between strength and ease.


In these mindful yet dynamic classes, you will learn how to sync up your breath with asanas (postures) to move through physical and emotional pain, melt away stress, and build strength and flexibility.




All Levels Vinyasa Flow

Bridges Rock Gym

5635 San Diego Street

El Cerrito, CA

Last Saturdays


All Levels Donation-based Yoga

The Crown

2523 Broadway 

Oakland, CA

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“Kristen's yoga has transformed my body and soul! I am a runner and have a desk job and I did not even recognize the tightness and tension I had in my body until I started taking Kristen's yoga classes.  She provided me with gentle guidance and attention.  I now have the flexibility that I didn't think was possible!  I have loved every one of Kristen's classes. I cannot recommend her enough. ”

Jenny Stephens

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